The Lakers Future: Life Without Dwight

Last night, Ice Cube put it best saying “Fuck Dwight Howard” at the Greek Theatre in LA and with the encouragement of the crowd continued “We could give a fuck about a Dwight Coward…He don’t deserve to be on that wall.” He finished his Laker’s rant with a prediction that Kobe Bryant will win another championship, but I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the crowd’s cheering was fueled by hope, not rationale.

The Lakers have a tough season ahead, and with the only offseason move being today’s 1-year signing of Chris Kaman (Center), our minds are clearly wrapped up not in this season, but the following in 2014. The management is in a state of transition, with Jeanie and Jim Buss running the organization and the player question marks remain-put: such as when will Kobe Bryant be ready, how about Jordan Hill’s injury, or will they sign any reliable bench players?

The truth is, the Laker’s management doesn’t really care. They will wait for the big-fish players to free-up and suffer mediocrity like the rest of the league for one more season, praying for a spot in the playoffs. Because the light at the end of the tunnel is bright, brighter than Dwight Howard, its LeBron James.

So take your time LA, don’t worry about basketball until you can be the best. And remember to never strive for mediocrity. “If ya ain’t first, you’re last.”

Check out the Video of Ice Cube Below

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