“To be honest, we’ve sued so many people”

One of the most memorable quotes from Lance Armstrong’s “tell all” interview with Oprah.

This past Thursday Armstrong went public and reluctantly admitted to the world that he doped during all seven of his Tour De France victories. For the once champion it was a tough pill to swallow coming around to the truth. There is no doubt he is a competitor and in keeping this haunted secret he fought to the death.

Over the past decade Armstrong faced numerous allegations about his doping from former teammates, doctors, and competitors. And in a frenzy he responded with a fierce confidence, and sued more people than he can even count. With a strong legal team backing him it is not surprising he was so successful. As the saying goes, the best defense is a strong offense.

How many lawsuits did Armstrong file against the innocent?

Armstrong isn’t even sure. However, in 2006 the Associated Press reported Lance Armstrong saying “I think we’re 10-0 in lawsuits right now.” Including a $7.5 million dollar settlement against an insurance company, a libel case against Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper which settled for $500K, and a $5 million arbitration settlement against SCA insurance company. We can be confident many more were filed, since Armstrong can’t even recall all of them.

Will there be justice?

As of today the bbc reported SCA Insurance will be looking to recover the lost $5 million with interest, asking for $12 million. If not recovered they will pursue litigation. It is uncertain if the other lawsuits will follow, most likely dependent on the statute of limitations within the jurisdiction.

But for me…I cannot wait to see the suits taken against Armstrong in the quest for justice.