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Chargers Cowboys After Game Fight

Just another reason to watch the game in the comfort of your own home, in pajamas. Last week in the parking lot, fans got a little rowdy. The video shows two blows to the head by beer bottles. One of the men who took the blow is seen bleeding out of the right side of his head and looks to have suffered some serious damage. The question amongst the crowd is, “where are the police, where are the police?” I thought these fights only happened at Candlestick in SF. Guess not.

2013 Super Bowl: Advertisements Cost More than Kaepernick’s Net Worth

With the Super Bowl less than one week away, Kaepernick stars in the biggest television event of the year. How big? In 2012 more people watched the Super Bowl than voted in the previous presidential election. This year expectations are the same. UCLA economist Lee Ohanian  “The Super Bowl is recession proof. And it will be for the foreseeable future.”


49ers QB Collin Kaepernick

In fact, CBS sold out all advertising time for this year’s Super Bowl at $4 million per 30 seconds (up $500,000 from last year). And here’s the interesting comparison, Kaepernick cannot afford to buy an advertising slot for his own Super Bowl.

Yes it’s official, franchise QB Collin Kaepernick is the most underpaid player in all of sports. He is locked in the second year of a four-year contract worth $5.12 million. Even if Kaepernick wins the world championship, a feat too great for Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino, he still cannot renegotiate his contract, he’s stuck. ESPN analyst Adam Schefter:

Sixty minutes from a world championship, Kaepernick is finishing up Year Two of a four-year, $5.12 million deal that is worth more than $3 million less in full than what Mark Sanchez will make from the New York Jets next season.

Yet Kaepernick has no out. He is locked into the deal until after the 2013 season.

Now I’m not one to argue that a millionaire deserves more money, but this is absurd. His contract deal with the 49ers, similar to QB Russel Wilson’s $2.99 million 4 year contract, is criminal. With the slew of rookie Qb’s becoming franchise players; agents must negotiate opt out clauses or performance based bonus’s within their client’s contract because it is equitable. And maybe the players and owners should look to revamp the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) to reward players whose existing contract is so substantially surpassed by their herculean performance.

Because when you earn the ring, you deserve the bling. 

Falcons Fan Stabbed in the Neck! Legal Implications.

Following the 24-28 49ers victory over the Falcons, witnesses claim a Falcons fan punched a 49ers fan who then stabbed the Falcons fan in the neck. The fan was rushed to the hospital and his status is currently unknown.

Will the fan take legal action?

If he does it is likely he will charge the other fan with Attempted Murder. To prove attempted murder the following two elements must be met beyond a reasonable doubt:

1) that you took at least one direct (but ineffective) step towards killing another person, and

2) that you intended to kill that person.

Is there a legal defense?

The 49ers fan will likely claim Self Defense, because the Falcons fan punched him prior to the stabbing. Self Defense allows you to use reasonable force to defend yourself or another person if you reasonably believe that you or that other person is about to suffer imminent bodily harm. Here the underlying question is whether or not the neck stabbing was a reasonable force. In my opinion it is unlikely for a court to determine the stabbing was a reasonable response to a punch. However if the court determines that the punch was so great it could be defined as deadly force-and in that case the neck stabbing would be an appropriate counter force to constitute self defense.

Predicted Result?

The 49ers fan may likely be charged with attempted murder without an appropriate claim to self defense, since a stabbing to the neck was deadly force compared to the initial punch which was not. The sentence could vary from 1 year in jail to a life sentence, I suppose time will tell. Regardless I think these 49ers fans need to calm down, especially after earning a trip to the Super Bowl.

Enjoy this youtube clip of a 49ers fan beating up a Giants fan in 2012