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The Lakers Future: Life Without Dwight

Last night, Ice Cube put it best saying “Fuck Dwight Howard” at the Greek Theatre in LA and with the encouragement of the crowd continued “We could give a fuck about a Dwight Coward…He don’t deserve to be on that wall.” He finished his Laker’s rant with a prediction that Kobe Bryant will win another championship, but I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the crowd’s cheering was fueled by hope, not rationale.

The Lakers have a tough season ahead, and with the only offseason move being today’s 1-year signing of Chris Kaman (Center), our minds are clearly wrapped up not in this season, but the following in 2014. The management is in a state of transition, with Jeanie and Jim Buss running the organization and the player question marks remain-put: such as when will Kobe Bryant be ready, how about Jordan Hill’s injury, or will they sign any reliable bench players?

The truth is, the Laker’s management doesn’t really care. They will wait for the big-fish players to free-up and suffer mediocrity like the rest of the league for one more season, praying for a spot in the playoffs. Because the light at the end of the tunnel is bright, brighter than Dwight Howard, its LeBron James.

So take your time LA, don’t worry about basketball until you can be the best. And remember to never strive for mediocrity. “If ya ain’t first, you’re last.”

Check out the Video of Ice Cube Below

Sports Immigration Law, Its a Real Thing

Exhausted from a full day of first year classes, I dragged myself to a Chapman Law event, hoping to network and educate myself on immigration law, and discovered a field I never knew existed – Sports Immigration Law. Yes, you read that correctly, Sports Immigration Law – Its a Real Thing.

Now you may be able to anticipate what I am going to say next, but if you’re like me and relatively uneducated on the topic – then prepare for that feeling of, “That makes sense, how come I never thought of that.”

I sat down at a table dressed professionally with white cloth, with a gratis Mexican platter of beans, rice, and enchiladas. I began to quick-eat to satisfy my hunger before the panel began. As I ate the fiesta on my plate an attorney sat down directly to the right of me, who came to support her fellow Immigration Law colleagues. Before I could ask a question she started explaining her practice and the field, using the Los Angeles Clippers as an example, and the story goes as so…

The Canadian Border

The Canadian Border

On Feb 2nd of 2013, the Los Angeles Clippers traveled on a road trip to Toronto for their game against the Raptors. Before arriving, the Clippers management – aware of Canadian Law- contacted this attorney (who I will keep anonymous for the time being) to make sure the players would have no trouble crossing the border. At the time I thought this was odd, because I often read about American Senior Citizens crossing the border to get pain medication and the issue is not entrance into Canada, but re-entrance back into the United States. So what were the Clippers concerned about? Were some of the players wanted by the Canadian police? Were they international criminals? My guesses weren’t even close. The Clippers were worried about their players’ DUI convictions. Turns out, Canada is extremely harsh on prior DUI convictions, even those that did not occur in Canada.

Routine screening upon entry into Canada includes the question, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”

If you have been convicted of impaired driving – even if no collision was involved – you may be denied entrance.  Even with no other criminal violations. Think carefully.  Don’t lie about any convictions, regardless of how ‘trivial’.  This is especially true if  you’re entering from the U.S.  Increased cooperation between Canada and U.S., as part of post-911 security measures, means that the border agent could already have access to criminal records. Lying/forgetting about a conviction could get you barred from entry into Canada for many years.  -via

Once again I envy the Canadian way, this is a great issue for a country to put its foot down on. It is relatively uncontroversial and saves lives.

Now the attorney wouldn’t dish exactly which Clippers had prior DUI convictions, but she did mention ten of the players were concerned with the strict law. I can’t say I’m surprised. Ever see those KIA commercials? I imagine Blake Griffin in his Optima flying down the 405 with a jet pack in the back seat. Regardless, as the Clipper’s immigration attorney she researched and successfully found a way for the convicted players to enter Canada.


Blake Griffin’s Iconic Dunk over a KIA. @2011 NBA Dunk Contest

At a panel where I expected to be mildly entertained about lawyers who moved here from another country or who help people immigrate from foreign soil; I had the pleasure of learning about a new aspect of Sports Law – Sports Immigration Law. It reaches to olympic athletes, foreign boxers who fight in Las Vegas, and teams in the little league world series; but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Think NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, MMA, UFC, WWE, and more. All of these sports play internationally and have international players on their teams; all of whom aforementioned can afford high legal fees. Needless to say, Sports Immigration Law is a lucrative business and one that I will keep an eye on as I continue into the depths of Sports Law.

To Fix Lakers, Kobe Says “Trade Everyone”

At an abismal 17-24 the Lakers fans might as well give up because the players already have. Except for one-Kobe Bryant-who is having the best season of his 17 year career averaging 29.2 points per game. So what does Kobe think? TRADE EVERYONE!


So why don’t the Lakers trade everyone?   The Lakers pay a hefty $130 million dollars to lose. Lakers owner Jerry Buss has to be wondering why pay anything to lose, heck losing is free!

One way to cut costs, get rid of Pau Gasol! Who makes almost $40 million over the  next two seasons.

This year Gasol averages a sad 12 points per game, 8 rebounds per game, and 3.7 assists per game. These numbers are not worth $19 million per year, not even close. Furthermore his lack of performance brings the rest of the team down. He is lazy on the court, which is why I deem him The Spanish Curse!

Trading Pau is not a new idea and the Lakers haven’t done it because he is “undervalued” by other teams. Well I challenge that notion and say he is valued right where he should be.

So don’t take Kobe’s advice and trade everybody, because there is still a ton of talent on the team. Just trade Pau-for lack of effort and for taking too many Barcelona Siestas while on the court.